Rugged Cubes for Data Acquisition, Logging, Simulation & Control

Posted: October 19, 2011

Educational and Research Centres can take advantage of cost effective, field proven equipment.

Measuring a very small 10x10x10cm, the smallest Cube from United Electronic Industries (UEI) provides a flexible, rugged and cost effective solution for addressing data acquisition, simulation, data logging and control applications. More importantly they have been designed with many end users in mind. They provide a number of benefits to research and educational institutions seeking to save costs by reusing components across projects and protecting their investment. Specific benefits include but are not limited to:
Software support
The cubes support a broad array of programming languages, development environments and both real-time and general purpose operating systems. Support is available for Labview, Simulink/Matlab, C/C++, Java and more.
The cubes provide between 1 and 6 expansion slots that can be configured with any of around 30 I/O cards. Options include Analog IO, Digital IO, Serial, CAN, Avionics busses 1553 and ARINC429, WIFI/Cellular, GPS, IRIG and more.
The ability to interchange IO cards between the various cube devices provides flexibility to reuse hardware modules between projects. A lab setup involving a number of chassis and IO layers can provide a useful platform for prototyping projects.
Long Term Availability (10 Years Minimum)
Unless you are specifically notified at the time of purchase, UEI guarantees the availability of all Cube series products for a minimum of 10 years.
–  Operating temperature: -40C to +70C (some Cubes to +85C)
–  Humidity: 0…95% non-condensing
–  Vibration: 10-500Hz, 5g
–  Shock: 50g, 3msec half sine – 30g, 11msec half sine
–  Altitude: 16,000 feet (some Cubes 70,000 ft)

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