Dedicated Systems now offers a huge range of COTS FPGA boards

Posted: February 17, 2011

In corporation with Bittware, 4DSP and Interface Concept, Dedicated Systems Australia now offers a huge range of COTS FPGA boards and Sensor IO interfaces.

Xilinx based up to Virtex 6: Form factors available are: PMC, XMC, CPCI, VPX. These boards are from 4DSP and Interface Concept.

Altera based up to Stratix 4: Form factors available are: CPCI, VPX, VME, VXS, MicroTCA and AMC. These boards are from Bittware.

Sensor I/O for CPCI and VPX based FPGA boards: Modern deisgns utilise the VITA 57 Standard, also known as FMC Mezzanine Cards. A huge range of FMC Cards are provided by 4DSP.

Sensor I/O for PMC and XMC based FPGA boards is provided via a large range of front panel adaptor modules by 4DSP.

Most Cards are available in commercial through to conduction cooled grades.

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