UEILogger now faster with larger storage and added functionality

Posted: May 31, 2012

United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce that its popular UEILogger series now offers increased logging speeds, data storage, and functionality. The new logger supports sample rates as high as 500 kilosamples per second for 16-bit samples and 250 kilosamples per second for 18 to 24 bit A/D samples. Regardless of system configuration, the new UEILogger provides at least 320 kS/S (16-bit) or 160 kS/S (18-24 bit). The revision also supports SD cards as large as 32 GByte and includes an 8 GByte SD card as standard. Additional features include an alarming function that allows a digital output or Sync bit to be controlled by alarm conditions of Analog inputs. The new revision also supports logging from the MIL-STD-1553 avionics bus. The latest logger also provides a built-in sample rate self-test feature that measures system performance and sets the system maximum sample rates based on actual system configuration.
Based upon UEI’s PowerDNA Ethernet DAQ cubes, the UEILogger is configured to meet the specific needs of a user’s application. The Logger Cube contains the controller, network and SD card interface, power supply as well as either three or six I/O slots (UEILogger 300 or 600 re-spectively). With simple, flexible setup and “real-time” diagnostic display, the UEILogger is suit-able for use in a wide variety of industrial, aerospace, in-vehicle and laboratory applications.

A full description of the UEILoggers is available here.