UA1000 Family Lifecycle Transition

Posted: May 14, 2024

Astronics Ballard Technology have recently received a notification that a key component used on all UA1xxx USB Adapter products will be discontinued. Astronics will be participating in a Last Time Buy to fulfill forecasted demand for the UA1xxx through Q1 2026.

Accordingly, The Lifecycle Transition Plan for all part numbers in the UA1xxx product family of USB 2.0 based adapters will begin immediately. This change is part of Astronics ongoing product lifecycle planning process for the UA1xxx product line that began to take effect with the introduction of the Ballard UA2000 Series back in August 2020. The UA2000 Series is the migration path for the UA1xxx models and is a Form, Fit, and Function replacement. The UA2000 family can be readily interchanged with customer’s existing units and current software with no application modification typically required. Download migration guide (link below) for more information.

UA2000 Migration Guide

The entire family of UA1xxx products, including Data Loader kits, will be transitioning to the Legacy lifecycle, then to End-of-Life, and then finally to Obsolete. We expect this transition to occur through Q1 2026. Last Time Buy opportunities will be offered, with a cutoff date nominally in Q3 2025.


The USB 3.1 based UA2000 product family highly recommended for all new opportunities, and as the replacement path for current USB 2.0 based applications. Please note that the Multi-Protocol UA25xx members of the UA2000 product family will be released towards the end of 2024.


Please feel to contact us on +61 8 8299 9333 / [email protected] with regards to any UA1000 legacy concerns.