On-Chip Debugging Fundamentals for VxWorks

Course Description

The Workbench On-Chip Debugging Fundamentals for VxWorks provides engineers with a fast, cost-effective way to acquire the knowledge necessary to debug applications with Wind River Workbench utilizing on-chip debugging capabilities.

Course Results

After taking this course, students will be able to:

  • Debug bare metal applications
  • Debug the VxWorks bootrom and kernel
  • Debug, build, and test custom flash drivers

Skills and Topics

Wind River Workbench

  • OCD related views – Overview
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Using the on-chip debugging perspective
  • Wind River ICE, Wind River ICE 2, and Wind River Probe


  • Troubleshooting
  • Custom flash driver
  • Flash programming
  • Board bring-up


  • Bare metal applications in RAM
  • Bootloader (u-boot and VxWorks bootrom)
  • Real-time kernel VxWorks

Products Supported

  • Wind River Workbench OCD 3.1, Wind River ICE/ICE 2, Wind River Probe, VxWorks 6.7
  • Earlier product releases are available. Topics may vary by product release

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone who will receive Wind River OCD products within 60 days
  • Developers who work with Workbench OCD
  • New project members on teams already using Wind River OCD products
  • Senior engineers who want to evaluate Wind River on-chip debugging technology
  • Firmware developers

Prerequisite Skills

  • One year of C programming
  • Basic understanding of hardware design
  • Basic understanding of operating systems and debugging techniques
  • Functional knowledge of UNIX/Linux

Course Format

  • Our two-day instructor-led courses consist of lectures and lab sessions
  • Students gain hands-on experience and receive personal guidance from expert Wind River instructors
  • Students examine details of the Workbench environment, focusing on the most commonly used areas
  • Specific questions are addressed
  • Lab sessions allow hands-on application of course concepts


Day 1


  • Software Bug
  • Embedded Debugging – a Challenge?
  • Hardware and Software Connections
  • Monitor / Agent
  • In-Circuit Emulator
  • Background Debug Mode
  • Joint Test Action Group
  • Wind River On-Chip Debugging Hardware
  • Wind River OCD Hardware – Comparison

Wind River Probe Overview and Set-up

  • Overview
  • Adapter Module
  • Connecting the Wind River Probe
  • Creating a Connection
  • License Key

Wind River ICE Overview and Setup

  • Overview
  • Personality Module
  • Connecting the Wind River ICE
  • Networking setup
  • Telnet / FTP Set-up
  • Creating a Connection
  • Firmware Update
  • License Key

Wind River ICE II Overview and Set-up

  • Overview
  • Personality Module
  • Connecting the Wind River ICE
  • Networking Set-up
  • Telnet / FTP Set-up
  • Creating a Connection
  • Firmware Update
  • License Key

Workbench OCD Views

  • On-Chip Debug Perspective
  • On-Chip Debug Views
  • Run Control
  • OCD Views

In-depth Debugging

  • CF Options
  • Register File
  • Flash Driver
  • Flash Programming
  • Board Bring-Up Lab

Trouble Shooting

  • Introduction
  • Board Initialization
  • Flash Programming

Day 2

Custom Flash Driver

  • Flash Driver by OCD Command Shell
  • Flash Driver
  • Custom Flash Driver Template
  • Custom Flash Driver Set-up

Standalone-RAM-Debugging Lab

U-Boot Debugging Lab

VxWorks Bootrom Debugging Lab

VxWorks Kernel Debugging Lab