Ada for C/C++ Developers

Course Description

The Ada Language Training Workshop provides programmers with a fundamental understanding of how to construct robust, secure Ada programs.

Who Should Attend

  • Developers who are new to the Ada language.
  • Developers who want to get a deeper understanding of the language.
  • Companies needing to interface their existing code base with Ada programs.

Course Format

Our 4-day instructor-led course consists of lectures and hands-on lab sessions.  Students gain hands-on experience and receive personal guidance from an Ada specialist. Students build fully functioning large programs utilising all aspects of the language covered.

Course Results

After taking this workshop, students will have the knowledge to:

  • Create Ada programs from scratch.
  • Structure Ada programs to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Interface Ada programs with C, C++ programs.
  • Interface Ada programs directly with hardware.


  • C programming including experience with structures, pointers, pointers to structures,typedefs, macros, and bitwise operators
  • Functional knowledge of UNIX or Windows


Day 1 – Introduction to Ada

  • History of Ada. The Ada marketplace
  • Compiling Ada programs
  • Syntax
  • Control Structures
  • Subprograms
  • Predefined types

Day 2 Intermediate features

  • Types in detail
  • User defined types
  • Arrays
  • Comparison of Ada and C strings
  • Records
  • Packages
  • Child packages
  • Visibility rules
  • How to structure projects

Day 3 Advanced features

  • Exceptions
  • Pointers
  • Object Oriented programming
  • Generics
  • Standard Ada library

Day 4 Low level features

  • Ada program representations
  • Low level programming
  • Unchecked Conversions
  • Interfacing to C – structs, pointers, strings, functions
  • Interfacing to C++
  • Suppressing language checks