Seminar: High Performance Networking for Complex, Distributed and Safety-Critical Systems

Posted: April 22, 2009

Since the OMG’s (Object Management Group) 2004 introduction of the “Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS)” standard, DDS has become the fundamental component of most high-performance infrastructure systems designed for military systems.


DDS’s high-performance messaging and data distribution software enables the development and integration of distributed applications that require low-latency, high-throughput, high-scalability, deterministic responses and minimal consumption of network, processor and memory resources. DDS meets the unique and demanding requirements of mission-critical real-time systems, including the ability to run in dynamic and autonomous environments and over unreliable or low-bandwidth networks such as wireless and satellite links.


DDS is used in defence systems around the world.  The types of systems using DDS include combat management systems, ship navigation and control systems, ship self-defence systems, UAV on-board and ground control systems, armored vehicle systems, simulation and training systems, radar processing, and air traffic management systems.


DDS has also been adopted by commercial and civilian systems such as transportation (train and automotive), industrial automation, medical devices, and others.

Perth:                                    5th May 2009, Tradewinds Hotel, Fremantle
Adelaide:                               8th May 2009, Technology Park Conference Centre, Mawson Lakes
Sydney:  CHANGED VENUE 13th May 2009, QUEST APPARTMENT HOTEL, Atlantis Restaurant;
58-62 Dehli Road, North Ryde

Download the agenda and registration details here.