Schroff outdoor cabinets

Posted: December 17, 2008

Schroff outdoor cabinets, available from Dedicated Systems Australia, ensure the smooth and dependable functioning of sensitive electronics in outdoor environments. Schroff’s standardised components are based on IEC 61969. They not only fulfil the guidelines and standards for shock, vibration and earthquake resistance but also offer climate protection tested to IEC 68-2-1.

Other technical advantages include weight-saving, corrosion-resistant and robust aluminium construction, the ease of access and special cable entry provision. Newly designed cladding parts, hinges and locks provide enhanced protection from vandalism. And the expansion options are flexible, accepting 19″, ETSI or other, even non-standardised, accessories.

The usage of a double wall reduces heating within the cabinet from solar radiation. At the same time, it helps to remove the heat inside the double wall with a natural flow of air. This enables to reduce the outlay for additional cooling. The double wall offers similar benefits in protecting from the cold.

Schroff outdoor cabinets have passive systems where the inner walls are constructed in a ‘meander’ form. Thus the resulting increased surface area acts as a heat exchanger, transferring more heat from the interior to the gap between the walls that range from 600 to 800 watts at a temperature difference of 25K.

Whether wall, pole or ground mounted, the unibody design of Schroff outdoor cabinet scores with its cost-optimised inner enclosure and removable outer cladding. Its advantages rest particularly in smaller cabinets, where access through the front door is sufficient for installation requirements.

The modular version consists of an aluminium profile frame with removable double-wall cladding. Its high flexibility offers significant advantages for larger cabinets and for situations where access is required from all sides.