RTI Introduces First Edge-to-Cloud Connectivity Software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Posted: September 30, 2015

The Industrial Internet of Things connectivity platform company has introduced Connext DDS 5.2 – the first software solution to address application-to-application data exchange at both the network edge and in the cloud. The new version adds support for load balancing of analytics and transaction processing via a message queuing service. This allows IIoT service providers to take advantage of cloud elasticity to process more data and transactions while retaining low latency.

Connext DDS now supports all of the fundamental communication patterns used in the IIoT: publish/subscribe for distributing streaming data and asynchronous events, request/reply for controlling and managing devices, and queuing for scalable processing. Until today, companies typically adopted and integrated different technologies and protocols for each of these instances. Connext DDS 5.2 now offers the only end-to-end connectivity solution that meets the real-time and reliability requirements of intelligent, distributed IIoT systems—all built on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. This reduces integration costs and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for technology adapters. It also simplifies administration by minimising the number of required infrastructure technologies.

Additional features in Connext DDS 5.2 include:

  • Advanced visualisation of data being distributed to improve insight into distributed system behaviour and ease debugging
  • All new C++ API which leverages modern language features to simplify development and improve source code readability
  • 18 new supported platforms, expanding coverage of IT, mobile and embedded operating systems and CPUs
  • More than 40 new features and enhancements to enrich the product, and to improve efficiency and ease-of-use

“Maintaining secure real-time exchange of messages between users and devices is critical to many IIoT applications,” said Jamie Smith, Director of Embedded Systems at National Instruments. “Expertise and open protocol technology developed by RTI for demanding military applications is now being used for the industrial internet. It ensures reliability and scales across large systems. This technology can be used across many industries as demonstrated in our joint IIC testbed efforts.”

“We are pleased to welcome this new Connext DDS 5.2 release,” said Johnny Willemsen, CTO of Remedy IT. “The new features and enhancements provide an efficient base for the DDS based state and event interaction patterns as part of our AXCIOMA component framework.”

“DDS is becoming a more dominant standard in the power industry,” said John S. Camilleri, Chief Technology Officer at Green Energy Corp. “We have already started to take advantage of Connext DDS 5.2. Its new features, including the C++ API and ability to visualise live data, will allow Green Energy’s Microgrid Solutions to quickly integrate and validate DDS for enhanced stability features and island management.”

“As adoption of the Industrial Internet continues to grow, more companies are looking for ways to introduce new services and products while transitioning their existing systems to handle the scale, reliability and performance requirements of the Industrial IoT,” said David Barnett, VP of Products and Markets at RTI. “RTI is making this much easier with the release of Connext DDS 5.2. Companies can now leverage one unified solution for their Industrial IoT connectivity requirements. RTI is proud to be a leader in the industry and continue to support our customers with all of their intelligent IIoT applications.”
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