Wind River VxWorks Technology Profiles

Wind River® offers a portfolio of add-on capabilities to VxWorks® to support critical functions for enhancing the performance of embedded devices, machines, and systems.



VxWorks together with Safety Profile for VxWorks delivers advanced safety partitioning capabilities that enable reliable application consolidation, helping drive down bill-of-material (BOM), maintenance, and upgrade costs. The upcoming optional IEC 61508 SIL 3 certification evidence package for Safety Profile reduces the amount of time and effort required to certify an embedded system.


Consolidation via Separation

Safety Profile adds advanced time partitioning to the space partitioning enabled in the VxWorks Core Platform. Taken together, they ensure reliable, interference-free consolidation of multiple applications of different criticality levels onto one hardware platform (single core or multi-core).

Separation via partitioning allows customers to update specific applications in a targeted fashion, without having to retest or re-certify the entire system.



Virtualisation Profile for VxWorks integrates a real-time embedded, Type 1 hypervisor into the core of VxWorks, making it possible to consolidate multiple stand-alone hardware platforms onto a single multi-core platform. This set of capabilities significantly reduces costs while dramatically boosting device functionality.

Virtualisation Profile enhances the VxWorks Core Platform with the following additional capabilities:

Real-Time, Embedded, Type 1 Hypervisor

  • 64-bit hypervisor with support for 32- and 64-bit virtual machines
  • Support for single or multi-core virtual machines

Device Virtualisation Framework Through VirtIO

  • Flexible device virtualisation through open standards

Inter–Virtual Machine Communication

  • High-speed virtual TCP/IP network

Architecture Support

  • Support for Intel® architecture with support for VT-x



VxWorks with Security Profile for VxWorks delivers an expandable, future-proof set of advanced software capabilities to safeguard devices and data residing in and traveling across the Internet of Things.

Security Profile enhances the VxWorks Core Platform with a comprehensive set of security features to efficiently and effectively protect devices and data at every stage—from boot-up and full operation to data transmission and at rest.


Secure Run-Time Loader
Security Profile protects the integrity of the system and safeguards intellectual property from piracy and code from reverse engineering. Wind River has partnered with Wibu-Systems to deliver a solution that can decrypt (AES) and verify digital signatures (ECC) of downloadable kernel modules and real-time processes.


Network Security
Security Profile incorporates the latest version of Wind River SSL to enable state-of-the-art encryption, and Wind River SSH, Wind River Cryptography Libraries, and Wind River IPsec and IKE to effectively secure network communications.


Advanced User Management
Security Profile protects devices from unauthorised access and enables the definition and enforcement of user-based policies and permissions.


Secure Boot
Security Profile helps prevent the injection and execution of malicious code by only allowing authenticated (signed) binaries to run.


Encrypted Containers
Security Profile safeguards data when the device is idle or powered down.



Based on proven digital signal processing (DSP) technology and Virtual Single Processor (VSP) architecture, Microkernel Profile for VxWorks enhances the scalability of VxWorks with a 20 KB RTOS delivering extremely fast real-time performance and low overhead.



  • A complete high-performance RTOS in a tiny footprint20 KB or smaller in size
    • Uncompromising real-time performance
  • Very fast response times
    • Time to boot: 25 µs (on Intel Quark)
    • Time to switch from fiber to ISR execution: 1955 ns (on Intel Quark)
  •  Multi-threaded
  • Multi-core support based on VSP architecture
  • Power management ready
  • Complements the VxWorks standard kernel to deliver unique scalability
  • Supports the Wind River Workbench development suite and Wind River Simics® full-systems simulation software