Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform

VxWorks 653 is the undisputed leader in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ARINC 653–compliant real-time operating environments. More than 180 customers have used VxWorks 653 in 325 programs for 70 civilian and military aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the Airbus A400M, and the Northrop Grumman X-47B. The robust safety partitioning and virtualisation capabilities of VxWorks 653—certified and validated in mission-critical avionics systems—also make it an excellent choice for certified industrial and transportation systems and devices.

The latest releases of the platform—VxWorks 653 2.5 and VxWorks 653 3.0 Multi-core Edition—can be deployed in programs requiring compliance with Future Airborne Capabilities Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard 2.1.

VxWorks 653 Multi-core Edition also adds support for the latest multi-core processors, provides robust partitioning that enables DO-178C certification, and delivers the following additional benefits:


High performance with lower development costs

  • Supports a variety of guest operating systems through a multi-core-enabled scheduler, allowing applications to run in parallel to increase compute capacity and ensure space and time partitioning for each core
  • Delivers high performance and low jitter through a two-level virtual machine architecture
  • Scales up to 255 partitions
  • Can simultaneously support multiple safety levels


Easy portability and less costly upgrades

Supports a wide variety of specifications, standards and APIs:

  • FACE Technical Standard 2.1
  • ARINC 653 APEX, VxWorks, POSIX®, Ada, Java, C and C++


Streamlined development for faster build cycles

  • Uses DO-297 role-based development for clear separation of platform supplier, application developers, and system integrator
  • Includes Wind River Workbench, an Eclipse-based development suite that supports integration with a wide variety of software tools


Simplified DO-178B/C platform certification

  • DO-297 role separation via DO-178- and DO-330-qualified development and verification tools
  • Complete application independence with separate build, debug, test, certification, and recertification of applications
  • All DO-178B/C/ED-12B/C Level A evidence with more than 80,000 files, hyperlinked for easy traceability and examination, provided in a sealed DVD
  • Independent build process, reducing the impact of code changes across multiple development teams