Wind River Simics

Simulate Anything, Chip to System

Wind River® Simics® provides the access, automation, and collaboration tools required for Agile development practices


A Better Way to Build Embedded Software

Simics simulates systems—from the smallest to the most complex—so you can adopt new development techniques that are simply not possible with physical hardware. By moving from physical hardware to a virtual lab, embedded software teams can revolutionise crucial aspects of their processes.

Simics provides the access, automation, and collaboration required to enable agile and continuous development practices. By using virtual platforms and simulation, software developers can decouple their work from physical hardware and its limitations during development. Access to virtual hardware allows developers to do continuous integration and automated testing much sooner in the development cycle—even before the hardware design is finalised—as well as perform both testing and debugging during design and prototyping phases. All team members can have unlimited access to virtual hardware, allowing new ways of working and improved collaboration throughout the lifecycle. Virtual hardware can be shipped anywhere, at any time, improving collaboration and ensuring a common baseline for all developers. Ultimately, developers can dramatically reduce risks of shipping late, overrunning budget, and having quality problems.