Wind River Helix Device Cloud

Get Insights from the Edge

Wind River® Helix Device Cloud collects and manages data from your devices and machines to raise your operational visibility and intelligence. With new information in hand, you can make better decisions and improve your business.



Wind River Helix Device Cloud is a cloud-based platform that helps sensors, devices, and machines connect securely to your network infrastructure.

Remotely Control Your IoT Infrastructure

Remotely configure, monitor, and update your connected machines with cloud-based services to reduce the complexities of managing your intelligent devices.

  • Device-level execution
  • Remote management
  • Provisioning at the gateway
  • Rules engine to filter, cleanse, and store data


Protect Data at Rest and in Motion

A secure, scalable, and customisable on-demand infrastructure protects your network, application, and user data.

  • SSL encryption concealing data from unauthorised parties
  • Compatibility with third-party security packages to support large-scale, complex Internet of Things (IoT) networks


Capture Your IoT Intelligence

Our pre-integrated middleware connects your devices and machines to the cloud.

  • Efficiently collect, transmit, and transform machine and sensor data to cloud-based applications.
  • Discover new insights to boost the efficiency and agility of your business and operations.
  • Agents and protocols communicate intelligently with devices and machines.
  • Reduce configuration and support costs.
  • Automate systems and device management with rules-based data analysis and response.


Create Your IoT Foundation

Support for a wide variety of hardware and operating systems provides flexibility for use across industries and deployment requirements.

  • Integral part of the Intel® IoT Gateway, providing a complete portfolio for creating device-centric networks
  • Pre-integrated application development support
  • Works with Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT, a complete software development environment