Flex VPX – VPB602 | 2-Slot 3U VPX Backplane

FlexVPX provides system designers with the flexibility and performance required for the most demanding applications. The ability to interconnect 2 and 3-slot 3U VPX compliant backplanes allows for custom system configurations using COTS hardware.


Backplanes are equipped with PCI Express bridges that ensure fast and high-throughput for point-to-point communication between different elements in the system. FlexVPX relies on OpenVPX (VITA 65) which enables the interoperability of products from different vendors. With the option to build multi-slot solutions, users have the opportunity to design a range of systems that feature a small footprint, a high level of ruggedisation, and unmatched performance.





  • 2-slot
  • 1″ pitch
  • 16-lane PCIe Gen 2 connection between slots
  • PCIe switch with 5 fat pipes
  • VITA 48.2 compliant
  • RTM connector available for cable connections to other backplanes