VP868 Dual UltraScale 6U VPX

VP868 Dual UltraScale 6U VPX
Dual FMC+ Sites, On Board Zynq Processor, Open VPX

The VP868 is a high performance 6U OpenVPX (VITA-65) compliant plug-in module with advanced digital signal processing capabilities. At the center of the VP868 is a Zynq dual Arm-9 device for processing offload and board management.


The VP868 processing power comes from two Xilinx UtlraScale FPGAs with over 100Gb/s duplex inter-chip communication bandwidth. An optional storage and I/O expansion module is available supporting SATA/PCIe solid state drive technologies. The VP868 includes flexible I/O with two VITA 57.4 compliant FMC+ sites. The board includes support for both Kintex and Virtex UltraScale devices with a migration path to UltraScale+ devices.


The VP868 is ideal for applications requiring both high performance processing and I/O with the ability to scale from the lab to deployed rugged environments.





  • Dual Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs
    • Kintex Ultrascale: XCKU095, XCKU115,
    • Virtex Ultrascale: XCVU080, XCVU095, XCVU125, XCVU160, XCVU190
  • Over 100 Gb/s Inter FPGA Communication Bandwidth
  • Dual FMC+ Sites (Vita 57.4)
  • Support for All 4DSP FMC Modules
  • Support for all Vita Compliant 3rd Party FMC Modules
  • Embedded Zynq Processor with 1GB DDR3 Memory
  • 2x GigaBit Ethernet with 4DSP IP Core
  • 36 GB Onboard DDR3 SDRAM Memory w/ ECC
  • VITA 65 OpenVPX Compliant
  • Expandable Storage with SSD Daughter Card
  • High Performance 4DSP PCIe IP Engin