Upgrade for VxWorks PAC (Programmable Automation Controller)

Take advantage of UEI’s popular UEIPAC chassis and continue to develop your applications in VxWorks

This powerful upgrade provides hard real-time performance with an extremely robust and reliable operating system, allowing you to develop your application in a familiar environment and preserve a great deal of previously written code.



  • Upgrade any PowerDNA hardware to our VxWorks-based Programmable Automation Controller
  • Use your existing development license
  • Obtain your run-time license from WindRiver
  • Our BSP provides everything else you need including examples
  • One-time charge for BSP regardless of number of systems deployed

A key advantage of the UEIPAC is its standalone application deployment. There is no need for a separate host PC, though you can certainly connect one in a monitoring or supervisory role.

In PowerDNA systems, the VxWorks application is written for, and runs on a host PC that is connected to one or more UEI chassis via Ethernet. In UEIPAC systems, the VxWorks application runs directly on the UEI RACK or Cube.

Faster, smaller and more reliable performance systems can be both developed and run in either VxWorks or Linux with the new support of VxWorks.

It also eliminates the cost of a dedicated host PC and guarantees long term availability of the identical hardware, which is critical when certifying products through CE or FDA, etc.

To deploy a UEIPAC application running VxWorks, you’ll need the following.

UEIPAC (any version):

  • The UEIPAC VxW BSP, which can be used across an unlimited number of systems
  • A VxWorks development system (from Wind River)
  • A VxWorks run-time license for each UEIPAC deployed. (also purchased from Wind River )