UEIPAC 700 – 7-Slot, Real-Time, programmable automation controller (PAC)

Real-Time, programmable automation controller (PAC) with 7 I/O slots


The UEIPAC 300 offers an unprecedented combination of flexibility, high performance, low cost and small size, making it an ideal solution in a wide variety of measurement and control applications. Its PowerPC processor also comes preloaded with the Linux operating system (currently 2.6.x), giving you access to the GNU C runtime library (glibc).



  • Powerful stand-alone embedded controller
  • Flexible, compact and rugged
  • Standard Linux Operating System
  • IOT/MQTT ready (pre-installed Mosquito app)
  • DDS support with ZeroMQ, OpenSplice or CoreDX
  • EPICS CAS support included
  • Web/HTML/HTML5 Web Socket interface support.
  • Flexible: Over 80 I/O boards available
  • Xenomai or kernel-based real-time capability in Linux
  • Ideal for HIL (Hardware In the Loop) applications

To develop programs for the UEIPAC, customers will need to purchase a copy of the UEIPAC Linux TK programmers toolkit. The toolkit provides the various items needed to write applications for the UEIPAC. Regardless of the number of cubes you deploy, you need only purchase one programming toolkit.

The UEIPAC is an embedded Linux-based system with no graphical interface. It is very good at network connectivity, which makes it possible to create remote graphical user interfaces (also known as HMI Human-Machine-Interface).

UEI’s powerful and flexible 7-slot, 100Base-T, Simulink/RTW target that is ideal for HIL applications.

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