UEIPAC 700-1G – 7-Slot Real-Time, GigE, programmable automation controller (PAC)

Real-Time, GigE, programmable automation controller (PAC) with 7 I/O slots

The UEIPAC 700-1G Cube brings the same compact, rugged, measurement and control interface as the UEIPAC 700, now adding the function of operating with gigabit Ethernet speed.



  • Powerful stand-alone embedded controller
  • Flexible, compact and rugged
  • Standard Linux or VxWorks Operating System
  • Uses standard Linux kernel or with Linux_rt preempt patch real-time support
  • IOT/MQTT ready (pre-installed Mosquito app)
  • DDS support with ZeroMQ, OpenSplice or CoreDX
  • EPICS CAS support included
  • Optional 8347E for HW accelerated ethernet encryption
  • Web/HTML/HTML5 Web Socket interface support.
  • Flexible: Over 80 I/O boards available
  • Solid-State Drive and/or SD Card-based storage
  • 100Base-T, 100Base-FX (fiber), or Gigabit Ethernet
  • Synchronization via IEEE-1588 (RT Linux 4.4.115 kernel)
  • Ideal for HIL (Hardware In the Loop) applications
  • Program in standard C
  • Eclipse IDE support
  • Uses the same API as our PowerDNA family

To develop programs for the UEIPAC, customers will need to purchase a copy of the UEIPAC Linux TK programmers toolkit. The toolkit provides the various items needed to write applications for the UEIPAC. Regardless of the number of cubes you deploy, you need only purchase one programming toolkit.

The UEIPAC is an embedded Linux-based system with no graphical interface. It is very good at network connectivity, which makes it possible to create remote graphical user interfaces (also known as HMI Human-Machine-Interface).

A key advantage of the UEIPAC is its standalone application deployment.

In UEIPAC systems, the VxWorks application runs directly on the UEI RACK or Cube, eliminating the necessity for a separate host PC. The new VxWorks support allows these applications to be developed and run in VxWorks, allowing smaller, faster, more reliable and higher performance systems. It also eliminates the cost of a dedicated host PC and guarantees long term availability of the identical hardware.