Modbus/TCP Server Upgrade for UEI PowerDNA Chassis

Industry standard Modbus TCP interface

Upgrade any existing UEI PowerDNA hardware into a Modbus/TCP Server, following the industry-standard Modbus TCP interface.


Modbus Features

The Modbus messaging protocol was developed by Modicon in 1979 and is used to establish master-slave/client-server communication between intelligent devices. It is a defacto standard, truly open and the most widely used network protocol in the industrial manufacturing environment.

Most popular HMI software supports the Modbus protocol.

Modbus devices communicate using a master-slave configuration. Only one device (the master) can initiate transactions (called queries). The other devices (slaves) respond by supplying the requested data to the master, or by taking the action requested in the query.

UEIModbus functions as a Modbus slave that is easily accessed by any software client acting as a Modbus master.