UEILogger Software

Software for configuring, and monitoring the UEILogger data logger.

  • Supports all UEILogger Cubes
  • Simple Windows based GUI
  • Now with Real-Time display
  • Free Download


Changes since last release (3.0.2):

Improved Data Logger FTP connection
Added disabled support for DNx-Ai-224
Improved serial layer support
Improved timestamps


Changes since last release (2.0):

Bug Fixes


Changes since last release (1.2.5):

Real-time diagnostic display added
Support for 1000 Hz sampling rate


Changes since last release (1.2.4):

SL-501 layers can now export data as ASCII text
Added support for SL-508 layers
Added support for AI-202-16 layers
Increased clock rate limit to 1 kHz
Messaging layers that support init-time and periodic outgoing messages now also support end-of-logging (finalization) messages
Improved granularity of progress bar when exporting small datasets
Fixed a bug in applying calibration to AI-225 values
Logger app no longer sends command packets to the cube that are larger than necessary; this fixes a (rarely seen) problem where the Start Logging button was permanently disabled
Fixed a bug handling large timestamp values from messaging layers
Fixed a bug where AI layer timestamps in exported CSV file were incorrect
Fixed a bug where the results table would show a size 0 dataset as being on “SD” when it should show as on “SD + PC”