Star Lab’s Kevlar Embedded Security


Designed using a threat model that assumes an attacker will gain administrative access to the system, Star Lab’s Kevlar Embedded Security maintains the integrity and confidentiality of critical applications, data, and configurations at rest, through system boot, at runtime, and during updates in the field.Compatibility with Intel x86_64 platforms and ARM64 platforms allows Kevlar Embedded Security to secure Linux-based embedded devices across industries. Kevlar Embedded Security is also integrated with WindRiver LTS21 and LTS22 Linux.


Star Lab, a Wind River Company


Kevlar Embedded Security’s Capabilities:

Kevlar Embedded Security is a flexible, layered security solution providing defense in depth to your Linux-based embedded device. You choose the security layers, Kevlar Embedded Security does the rest.

Kevlar Embedded Security doesn’t keep malicious actors out. It protects the system, even if malicious actors have already broken in. Prevent an attacker from changing your sensitive applications and data, even with root.

Kevlar Embedded Security lets you choose how much (or how little) security you layer into your embedded system. Secure what you need, where you need it, so you don’t have to compromise performance.

Kevlar Embedded Security comes with a full test suite, allowing you to verify the security bits are working as expected and generating the artifacts necessary for certification and accreditation.