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PC/104-Plus Interface for MIL-STD-1553

The rugged PM1553-5 family of PC/104-Plus cards provide reliable MIL-STD-1553 functionality for communicating with, and monitoring 1553 equipment and systems. The family includes single or multi-function models with a choice of 1 to 4 dual-redundant 1553 channels.

  • Powerful protocol engine
  • Easy installation
  • 32 MB Data Memory
  • PC/104-Plus Compliant
  • Rugged Extended Temperature Design
  • RoHS compliant

PM1553-5 interfaces have the latest 5th generation protocol engine and bus mastering to yield high performance. The cards are fully compliant with the PC/104-Plus standard. All models include sixteen avionics level input/output discretes and IRIG time synchronization/ generation.

Depending upon the hardware model, 1553 channels may be either single-function or multi-function. Single-function channels can be configured in software as either a Bus Controller (BC), a Bus Monitor (BM), or up to 32 Remote Terminals (RTs). Multi-function channels have protocol error injection capability and can simultaneously be a BC, BM, and up to 32 RTs.

This interface card is easy to install and operate. It supports maximum data throughput on all 1553 channels and has a large 32 MB built-in memory. With all its capability and versatility, the PM1553-5 is suitable for a wide range of MIL-STD-1553 applications.