64 channel PXI digital I/O board with time sequencing


  • 64 lines (5V/TTL) of I/O in 16-bit ports
  • Generates a continuous series of pulses or digital words varying from 1 µsec to 16 776 sec in 20-nsec increments
  • Regenerate and Buffered modes available
  • Generate interrupts on any line
  • Four separate high-speed IRQ lines (100 nsec)
  • User-defined power-up state in 16-bit groups (High, Low, Tri-stated)
  • Two Enhanced Synchronous Serial Interfaces (ESSI ports) for high-speed devices such as codecs
  • Three clock/interrupt lines, three 24-bit counter/timers
  • Onboard 16-bit FIFO: 2k samples


UEI has ported its sophisticated PowerDAQ family of data acquisition PCI bus cards to the CompactPCI/PXI form factor.


For instrumentation applications where you need advanced triggering and intercard data transfers, PDXI is the answer. You start with all the functionality of CPCI but add triggering from a CPU card to each I/O card, triggering among I/O cards and a secondary bus that allows high-speed transfers of data or control signals among adjacent slots.


PDXI (PowerDAQ eXtensions for Instruments) cards function perfectly in any C-sized CPCI/PXI slot. You can take the same applications programs from a desktop PC and run acquisition and control tasks without modification on a CPCI/PXI system.