64-channel, 16-bit PCI digital I/O lab board with time sequencing


  • 64 lines (5V/TTL) of I/O in 16-bit ports
  • Generates a continuous series of pulses or digital words varying from 1 µsec to 16 776 sec in 20-nsec increments
  • Regenerate and Buffered modes available
  • Generate interrupts on any line
  • Four separate high-speed IRQ lines (100 nsec)
  • User-defined power-up state in 16-bit groups (High, Low, Tri-stated)
  • Two Enhanced Synchronous Serial Interfaces (ESSI ports) for high-speed devices such as codecs
  • Three clock/interrupt lines, three 24-bit counter/timers
  • Onboard 16-bit FIFO: 2k samples
  • For PCI computers; also operates as a standard DIO Series card