ٴ[Obsolete] OmniBusBox™


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The OmniBusBox™ enables computers and networks to interface with multiple avionics databuses via Ethernet or USB for applications such as simulation, monitoring, and testing of avionics equipment and systems.


The OmniBusBox has the power and flexibility to operate as a simple or intelligent peripheral (USB or Ethernet) or as a stand-alone embedded computer. It can be ordered with up to two modules to support a variety of avionics databus protocols.


OmniBus is a highly-flexible and high-performance family of avionics databus interfaces combining a selection of industry-standard platforms with a wide-viariety of I/O choices

  • Industry Standard Platforms:
    • PCI/cPCI
    • VME
    • PMC
    • Ethernet/USB
  • Protocols & I/O
    • MIL-STD-1553
    • ARINC 429
    • ARINC 708
    • ARINC 717
    • Serial (RS-422/232/423)
    • CSDB
    • Discrete I/O

This sophisticated OmniBus design allows users to order the exact number, functionality, and mix of protocol channels that they need as well as allowing upgrade or reconfiguration options for their OmniBus (at the factory) as requirements change.

Each Omnibus product includes an array of functional features to which I/O is added through the use of interchangeable modules. When ordering an OmniBus product, you can add the combination of modules to get the exact mix of I/O you need. Each OmniBus product can accept at least two modules, and each module has its own circuitry to handle the channels and protocols associated with it.

  • PowerPC processor
  • High channel counts
  • Mixed protocols
  • PowerPC® user processor
  • Ethernet and USB ports
  • CompactFlash® slot
  • IRIG time synchronization
  • Can be upgraded/reconfigured