NG1 – Avionics I/O Converter

Low-SWaP Flight-Ready Avionics I/O Converter

The Ballard NG1 Series is a rugged, compact I/O converter that easily solves system integration problems. It runs custom applications that allow you to distribute control throughout the airframe. It is optimised for converting avionics protocol data to and from Ethernet so you can minimise wiring and significantly reduce overall system SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power).


Ready to Stream

NG1 greatly simplifies the expansion and integration of avionics I/O with your computing system. In its basic mode, it reliably converts avionics protocol data to and from Ethernet in real time without the need for custom code. This not only saves time and money, but reduces system SWaP by eliminating wiring runs.


Ready for Your Software

NG1 is also a secure and efficient 64-bit computing platform and fully capable of executing a high level of embedded control. With NG1, you have the flexibility to use it as a stand-alone controller or remotely control it through your host computer, depending on your overall system needs.


Ready When You Are

NG1 is ready for rapid deployment with no up-front NRE. It comes pre-configured and pre-validated with comprehensive MIL-810/MIL-704/DO-160 testing.

Up to 2 dual-redundant channels
BC/RT/MON (Single- or Multi-Function)
Hardware controlled transmit scheduling
CH/TA/SA filtering
Sequential monitor


Up to 7 channels (5 x Receive, 2 x Transmit)
Periodic and asynchronous messages
Hardware controlled transmit scheduling
Receive message filtering (Label/SDI)
Sequential monitor


Up to 2 ports
Selectable baud rates up to 10 Mb/s


Avionics Discrete I/O
Up to 4 programmable Input/Output
Up to 4 input only
Open/GND configuration

The ‘NG’ Family is a New Generation of Ballard Boxes consisting of three distinct series of COTS products optimised for different levels of deployment:


Highest level of capability and I/O, along with 64-bit processing and audio/video, for the most demanding applications.


Same processing power as the NG3, but in a smaller size with a corresponding reduction of I/O, when lower SWaP is critical.


  • NG1 Series Avionics I/O Converters
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Extremely compact and optimised for converting avionics protocol data to and from Ethernet for interfacing to the NG3/NG2 or other avionics systems.