In-row cooler Varistar SHX 30


Product family: Varistar
Type: Cooling Elements

  • Optional management unit to be ordered separately
  • Cabinet management base unit connects via RJ 45 interface

Web interface:

  • Automatic detection of connected Varistar SHX 30 air/water heat exchanger
  • Inlet temperature of servers (parameter can be set via web interface)
  • Switch on/off of cooler
  • Adjustment of set temperature and fan speed
  • Air temperature monitoring at front/rear, fan speed and water inlet temperature
  • Temperature monitoring/control using an external temperature sensor (please order separately)



  • Cooling capacity 30 kW
  • Water connection bottom or bottom/top (see specification table)
  • Fans may be exchanged individually during operation
  • Drop collector and condensate management
  • Can be regulated using internal or external temperature sensors
  • Can be monitored via Ethernet and web interfaces
  • 1 PSU or 2 PSUs (redundant)