IC-FIB-VPX6a – 16 fiber T+R Interfaces on Kintex7 6U VPX processing unit


The IC-FIB-VPX6a is an Open VPX 6U board, designed to provide a high number of front panel optical fiber inputs and outputs.

The board also provides various backplane connections, supporting several electrical standards. These interfaces are interconnected using a dedicated FPGA. The board takes advantages of the Kintex 7 FPGA features to enable high flexibility interconnection and to allow low level processing design.



  • one Xilinx Kintex-7 XC7KC7K70T (1FBG67), offering:
    • 1 * SPI mirror flash memory
    • 2 * GTX ports x4 from to P1
    • 16 differential pairs to P3
  • PICµ-controller for System Management (per VITA 46.11)

  • 16 optical interfaces (AFBR-1624Z transmitters)
  • 16 optical interfaces (AFBR-2529Z receivers)
  • 1 * console port
  • status leds