IC-CMC-VPX3a – VPX 3U PMC/XMC carrier board


The IC-CMC-VPX3a is a carrier board designed to expand VPX systems capabilities with the large range of PMC/XMC mezzanines.


With modules such as the IC-PQ3-XMCa or the IC-GRA-XMCb, grants designers access to a high-performance and low-power PQ3 based solution or an efficient 3D graphic product. Coupled with IC’s serial or SSD PMC/XMC boards, the IC-CMC-VPX3a completes the IOs or storage capabilities of a VPX system.



Data plane :

  • 8 lanes between VPX P1 (ports A&B) and XMC Jn5, or
  • 4 lanes between VPX P1 (ports A) and PCIe/PCI bridge (PMC)

Utility plane :

  • Power supplies,
  • Reset, NVMRO
  • Reference clock

Management plane :

  • IPMC (VITA46.11)