FMC700 – KC705 FMC Adapter | HPC Board

KC705 FMC Adapter

The FMC700 is an adapter that connects to the KC705 LPC and HPC FMC sites in order to offer a HPC FMC site as close as possible to ANSI/VITA 57.1. This adapter connects to the KC705 via both FMC connectors and provides an FMC standard HPC connector on the other side.


The only limitation in regards to the FMC standard is the availability of 5 Gigabit data pairs only. A built-in fan is also available to dissipate heat from FMC modules that require an air flow.





  • Fully connected HPC site (with the exception of 5 Gigabit data pairs) for use on the KC705
  • Makes it possible to use any 4DSP HPC FMCs on the KC705.
  • Compatible with most 3rd party FMC products
  • Built-in fan for FMC heat dissipation