FMC168 – 8-Channel 250MSPS @ 16-bit | HPC (LPC Compatible) ADC Board

8-Channel 250MSPS @ 16-bit
FMC-HPC (LPC Compatible) ADC Board
FMC VITA 57.1 Compliant

The FMC168 is a digitizer FMC featuring eight ADC channels with 16-bit resolution and 250 Mega samples per second sampling rate per channel. With a flexible clock generation and distribution scheme, the FMC168 allows control on sampling frequency and analog input gain through serial communication with a carrier card. The FMC168 design is based on the TI ADS42LB69 Dual Channel 16-Bit 250 MSPS A/D.



  • Eight-channel 16-bit 250MSPS A/D conversion
  • Available as air cooled and conduction cooled
  • VITA 57.1-2010 compliant
  • Based on TI ADS42LB69
  • Coaxial front panel inputs on SSMC connectors
  • Single ended AC- or DC-coupled analog input
  • Flexible clock tree enables:
    • internal clock
    • internal clock locked to an external reference
    • external clock
    • external sync / 1PPS
  • HPC (high-pin count) compatible
  • Mil-I-46058c Conformal Coating Compliant – Option