DNx-SL-514 – 4-port, synchronous serial interface board


The DNx-SL-514 are high performance SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) boards for UEI’s “Cube”, RACKtangle and FLATRack I/O chassis respectively. The DNA/DNR/DNF versions are electrically identical and provide four independent RS-422/485 compatible channels, each having over voltage protection and opto-isolation. The 4 channels can be independently configured. Rx/Tx termination resistors may be enabled or disabled via the API.



  • 4-Port Synchronous Serial Communications
  • DNA-SL-514 for use with “Cube” chassis
  • DNR-SL-514 for use with RACKtangle™ I/O chassis
  • DNF-SL-514 for use with FLATRack I/O chassis
  • Industry standard SSI master or slave functionality
  • Clock rates up to 1.3 MHz
  • 4 independent channels
  • 350 Vrms channel-to-channel & channel-to-chassis isolation
  • Fully differential inputs/outputs at RS-422 logic levels

The board supports standard SSI master or slave functionality, where channels are user-programmable via the SL-514’s API. Each input word may be timestamped.

Software included with the DNx-SL-514 provides a comprehensive yet easy to use API supporting all popular Windows programming languages as well as programmers using Linux and most real-time operating systems including QNX, RTX, VXworks and more.

I/O Chassis
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RACKtangle ®


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