DNx-QUAD-604 – 4 channel quadrature encoder input board

4 channel quadrature encoder input board


The DNx-QUAD-604 is a four channel quadrature encoder input board, providing standard A, B and Z (index) inputs for each channel. The 16.5 MHz maximum input frequency coupled with the boards 32 bit counters and 32-bit prescaler ensure the board easily handles the most challenging applications.



  • 4 quadrature encoder inputs with A, B and Z (index) inputs
  • Buffered or single point readings
  • Simultaneous updates on all four channels
  • 8 digital output and 4 digital input bits
  • x1, x2 and x4 input modes
  • Debouncing/glitch removal on A, B and Z inputs

The DNA/DNR-QUAD-604 also provides 4 digital inputs (in addition to the four A, B, Z channels) and 8 digital outputs. These digital I/O lines may be used as auxiliary digital inputs and outputs or configured as trigger in, trigger out and clock out signals for each of the channels.
The Index pin may be set to perform a variety of tasks. It may be set to; reset/load the counter immediately, reset/load the counter on the next A/B: low/low, low/high, high/low or high/high cycle, generate an interrupt, generate a cube-wide trigger pulse, etc. The index may be based on either rising or falling edge signals.

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