DNx-PL-820 – Programmable FPGA board


The DNx-PL-820 are user programmable FPGA boards. The board allows an FPGA programmer to add custom FPGA functionality to the DNx family and the various platforms it supports.



  • Only available Cube (DNA) and Rack (DNR) Chassis
  • Ideal for development of custom high speed controllers
  • MAX 10 FPGA with 50k usable logic elements
    • 1638 kB usable embedded memory
    • 144 embedded multipliers
    • 4 internal PLLs for timing/clock generation
    • Instant-on functionality
  • Uses standard Altera Quartus II toolkit
  • Reprogrammable in-system with UEI software or through external JTAG connection
  • DB62 I/O connectors

The DNx-PL-820 is a two board, base/daughter card product. The bottom board (left in a DNR RACK) includes a Cyclone II FPGA while the upper board (right in the RACK) provides a MAX 10 FPGA.

The Cyclone board is used exclusively as the interface between the DNx bus and the MAX 10 FPGA chip, while the MAX 10 board allows user-developed FPGA applications to be installed and run.

The MAX 10 has a variety of unique and powerful features that make it an ideal choice as a custom FPGA target. Included in these features is a unique, instant-on capability that allows the MAX 10 application to begin running immediately, without regard to whether the Cube or RACKtangle has completed its boot-up process. The MAX 10 also supports user and dual configuration FLASH, DSP blocks and Nios II embedded processor functionality.

I/O Chassis
Model No.


RACKtangle ®


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