DNx-IRIG-650 – Timing Generation and Synchronisation board

IRIG-A, B, E and G Timing Generation and Synchronisation board


The DNx-IRIG-650 is a high-precision timing board designed for timing generation and synchronization that features a high-quality, high-accuracy oscillator that allows for continuous output for a variety of uses.



  • IRIG-A, B, E and G output allows cube or rack to provide timing signals
  • IRIG-A, B, E and G input allows cube or rack to synchronize with external IRIG-A, B, E and G sources
  • Modulated or DC level inputs and outputs
  • 1 PPS output
  • Event input captures timing to UTC
  • 10 MHz, 1 ppm time base or slaved to external 10 MHz
  • DNA-CBL-650 cable (included with purchase) provides BNC connections for Clock/IRIG signals and 37-pin connections for other I/O
  • Direct GPS input (active antenna)

The DNx-IRIG-650 provides IRIG-A/B/E/G outputs, allowing the attached Cube/RACKtangle chassis to be configured as the system’s master time keeper. The boards may also be used to capture IRIG-A, -B, -E or -G data when the Cube/RACKtangle will be slaved to an external master timing device.
The boards also include a built-in GPS interface. The GPS input is compatible with both passive and active GPS antennae though some passive antennae have performed to expectation and only active antennae are recommended.

I/O Chassis
Model No.


RACKtangle ®


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