DNx-DIO-432-800 – 32-Channel Digital Output Board

Guardian series 32 channel, 600 mA, current sinking digital output interface with output voltage and current monitoring


The DNx-DIO-432-800 boards are 32 channel, digital output boards that provide extremely low (< 1 µA) leakage current when outputs are in the OFF state. Each channel is configured as a current sink and switches voltages between 3.3 and 36 VDC. Additionally, each channel is rated for continuous operation at 600 mA with an output voltage drop of less than 550 mV.



  • 32 digital outputs
  • 600 mA (current sink) outputs
  • Wide 3.3 to 36 VDC output range
  • 1 kHz maximum update rate
  • Low leakage outputs suitable for controlling LED indicators viewed by night vision devices

Guardian Series Diagnostics

  • Monitors output current
  • Programmable current limit
  • PWM “soft-start” outputs

As part of UEI’s Guardian series, the DNx-DIO-432-800 not only controls the digital outputs, it provides a unique output monitoring capability. An on-board 24-bit A/D converter monitors each channel’s output current. This allows the application to detect and flag short and open circuits as well as other “suspicious” behavior. The monitoring capability is also a powerful diagnostic tool allowing a repair technician to quickly and accurately identify blown, or mis-wired channels.

I/O Chassis
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