DNx-CT-651 – Precision Timing Interface


The DNx-CT-651 are 4-channel, 1 PPS Precision Timing Interfaces for use with UEI’s popular Cubes and RACKtangle chassis respectively. The board provides 4 output channels, each of which is compatible with ICD-GPS-060 10 volt output levels.



  • Provides 4 channels of synchronous 1 PPS signals
  • Slaved or Free-run/Flywheel modes
  • Fully software configurable
  • Standard ICD-GPS-060 output levels
  • Uses standard coaxial connections
  • High accuracy/stability on-board oscillator

Each of the output channels may be set via software command over the chassis Ethernet port to any of the three following configurations;

  • Slaved to the board’s 1 PPS input,
  • Free running/Flywheel 1 PPS outputs based on the on-board reference oscillator or disabled.
  • Disabled

The DNx-CT-651 is an ideal choice for providing a wide variety of synchronisation, timing and system “heartbeat” signals. All connections are made through a multi-sourced D-sub connector which provides connections for the 5 coaxial connections as well as a number of standard I/O pins (function TBD).

I/O Chassis
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