DNx-AI-211 – 4-channel IEPE / ICP® Vibration Sensor Interface


4-channel IEPE / ICP® Vibration Sensor Interface

The DNx-AI-211 is a high performance, four-channel vibration measurement board. The board is specifically designed to allow direct connection to industry standard 2-wire vibration sensors (e.g. ICP and IEPE), and offers operation in harsh environments, having been tested to 5 vibration, 50 g shock, -40 to +85 °C temperatures and altitudes up to 70,000 feet.



  • 4 Independent 24-bit input channels
  • 125 KSPS maximum sample rate (each channel)
  • Digital anti-aliasing filter provides 100 dB attenuation
  • 350 VDC channel to channel isolation
  • 0 to 8 mA excitation, user selectable in 256 steps
  • Status LEDs indicate open or shorted sensors
  • 10-32 UNF coaxial connections provided by DNA-STP-211 (included with purchase)
  • 6.75 W, max (Cubes should include DNA-FAN option if multiple AI-211s are installed)

The board’s 24-bit converters provide exceptional accuracy with signal to noise ratios (SNR) of 109 dB at 5 kHz and 97 dB at the board’s 125 kSPS max sample rate. The 24-bit converters also provide the dynamic range required to monitor everything from the smallest signals up to a full scale shock on a single input range.

In those few instances where even higher resolution is required for extremely low level signals, the AI-211 input amplifier offers 4 different input ranges from +25/-13 VDC to ±3.125VDC.

Anti-aliasing filtering is provided by a combination of analog and digital FIR filters. The digital filter allows a combination of low passband ripple (±0.005 dB), steep falloff and low stop band floor (-100 dB) unattainable with simple analog filtering. The digital nature of the filter also ensures that each filter induces an identical phase shift so no filter induced inter-channel phase jitter will impact or corrupt subsequent analysis.
Each channel is based upon its own 24-bit A/D converter. This A/D per channel mode allows all four channels to be sampled simultaneously, allowing vibration data on different channels to be easily correlated in the time domain. The board will sample all four channels up to their maximum 125 kSPS (maximum board throughput of 500 kSPS). Using the chassis powerful trigger/sync interface, channels on multiple boards and even in multiple chassis are easily configured to sample simultaneously.

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