DNx-AFDX-664 – 2-Channel AFDX / ARINC-664 interface

2-Channel AFDX®/ARINC-664 Interface

The DNx-AFDX-664 is a 2 channel AFDX/ARINC 664 (including the Boeing EDE protocol) communications interface. The board may be configured as two independent channels or one dual redundant channel. The network implementation fully supports 10, 100 and 1000 BASE-T speeds. The channels may operate as a receiver, transmitter or network/bus monitor.



  • For use in “Cube” I/O chassis
  • 2 independent or 1 dual redundant channels
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T implementation
  • Transmit, Receive or Bus Monitor function
  • Consecutive or user defined sequence Numbers
  • 10 µS, 1 µS and 100 nS time tags
  • Error detection and injection
  • Extensive filtering and traffic scheduling
  • Includes support for Boeing EDE protocol

In input mode, the user may time tag inputs with resolutions as low as 10 microseconds. The input automatically provides error/integrity checking, though this feature may be disabled if the application requires. Receive filtering is also supported based on the VL, Port and error detection.

The Monitor mode allows the user to capture all network traffic, or may be set with automatic filtering so only the desired information is captured. The Monitor mode will also gather a variety of statistics from the bus/network. If desired, the monitor mode may be set to capture all UDP network traffic, regardless of whether it is configured based on the AFDX/664 protocol.

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