DNR-MIL – 12-slot, Military Style I/O rack

12-slot, Military style I/O rack


The DNR-MIL is the latest deployment of UEI’s popular RACKtangle architecture. Designed for use in the toughest environments, the new RACKtangle is an ideal solution for military and aerospace deployments, with a form factor that is also ideal for a huge assortment of commercial applications including use on oil drilling platforms and refineries or other heavy machinery.



  • Military/Rugged 38999 connectivity
  • 100% COTS solution
  • Supported by over 50 standard DNR-series I/O boards
  • 5 g vibration, 100 g shock, sealed to IP66
  • Dual GigE ports (control and diagnostic)
  • Designed for MIL-STD-461/810/1275 compliance
  • Extensive built-in system diagnostics
  • No rotary cooling devices
  • Extensive software support including Windows, Linux, QNX, INtime and more
  • VxWorks support available in embedded or hosted configurations

Electronically, the DNR-MIL RACKtangle is identical to the standard DNR series RACKtangle, but with the added hold-up and protection circuitry added to the power supply inputs. (This power supply conditioning is required in order to meet MIL-STD-1275.) This means the DNR-MIL uses our standard DNR-series board (e.g. DNR-AI-217 or DNR-1553-553). With over 50 unique I/O boards and 12 slots available there’s sure to be a configuration perfectly matching your application.
The new RACKtangle is designed to meet the most commonly required elements of MIL-STD-461 and -810 and is sealed to at least IP66/NEMA6 standards. All this is housed in a compact 17.5″ x 8.125″ x 7″ chassis, weighing less than 22 pounds and typically consuming less than 40 Watts.
No rotary cooling fans are used in the design which maximizes MTBF and mechanical reliability. All internal printed circuit boards are conformal coated to ensure the highest reliability.