DNR-DIO-416-32 – 32-Channel Solenoid Fail-Safe Drive


The DNR-DIO-416-32 is a 32-channel digital output product designed for driving solenoids or other inductive loads. The product is created by combining a DNR-DIO-432, DNR-DIO-433 and ADP-416-32. The DIO-432/433 provides all the switching and system monitoring capability while the ADP-416-32 provides protection diodes as well as makes the appropriate interconnections.



  • For use with only the RACKtangle™ I/O chassis
  • 32 digital output pairs
  • 500 mA per channel maximum current drive
  • 125Hz per channel max. output rate
  • Ideal for driving solenoids and other inductive loads
  • FET transistors for high- and low-side outputs
  • Resettable overload circuit breaking on every channel
  • Output current monitoring for short/open detection and state confirmation
  • Switches 3.3 to 48 V loads

The digital outputs are controlled by FETs (field effect transistors) and provide FET control on both the high side and low side of the load. The DNR-DIO-416-32 features redundant support diodes on every channel and provides overvoltage (kickback) and overcurrent protection.

Output current monitor offers 0.5% accuracy and may be used to trigger an automatic overload shut down, detect output short/open circuits and confirm each channels output state. The user may select the current and duration of an overload (as short as 10 mS) required for channel turn off. The product is designed to switch loads from 3.3 up to 48 Volts DC.

I/O Chassis
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RACKtangle ®

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