ComEth 4410a – 3U VPX Dual-Plane Hybrid PCIe-Ethernet Switch (Gen2 / 1G)

Product is in End Of Life (EOL)

*See ComEth4412a for new designs


3U OpenVPX Fabric Switch
PCI Express Data Plane & Eth Control Plane

The ComEth 4410a provides the OpenVPX hybrid switch market with all its experience regarding managed Ethernet switches. Built on the same architecture as the ComEth 40xx family, for the control plan, the Ethernet switch supports full-wire speed L2 bridging and L3 routing with L2-L4 advanced traffic classification, filtering and prioritisation. The ComEth 4410a is managed by our tried and tested Switchware, regularly enriched with new functionalities.


For the data plan, the ComEth 4410a implements a modular PCI Express Gen2 switch, delivering up to 32GBps of switching capacity and ensuring very low latency thanks to its cut-through architecture. This switch supports multiple simultaneous peer-to-peer traffic flows in high demanding applications.


Each port can be configured as the upstream switch port; Non-Transparent bridging (NTB mode) feature allows to support multiple NT endpoints (for external PCIe domains or CPUs). Moreover, it is possible to split the switch in independent partitions.


  • 3U VPX
  • Managed Layer 2+/ 3
  • up to 10 ports
  • 10/100/1000Base-T (front or rear)
  • 1000BaseSX (front) / 1000Base-KX (rear)
  • 6 PCIe x4 ports

  • 6 * 4-lanes PCIe ports on P1/P2

  • 6 (or 8) * 1000BASE-BX ports on P2 (8 ports => MOD3-SWH-6F8U version)
  • 2 (or 1) * 1000Base-T ports on P2 (1 port => MOD3-SWH-6F8U version)
  • 1 * front auto media detect Ethernet port, 10/100/1000 Base-T Copper Ethernet (RJ45) – 1000 Base-SX (or LX) optical Ethernet (LC)