ComEth 4060a – 6U VXS GigE Switch


The ComEth4060a is a VXS switch offering Ethernet connections for control plane in a cluster of VXS CPUs.


In an embedded system, the ComEth4060a can then cover the needs for 1000-BX interconnexion via the backplane, but also the needs to connect legacy boards, external sensors or systems… claiming then for 10/100/1000Base-T interfaces.


Like the other products of the ComEth40xx family, this switch supports full-wire speed L2 bridging and L3 routing with L2-L4 advanced traffic classification, filtering and prioritisation with an optimised power consumption.


It is fully upward compatible with the Switchware of Interface Concept’s ComEth40xx range; it thus benefits from all the latest developments including : IPv6 support (management and unicast routing), RIPng, OSPF v3, VRRP, additional security features (HTTP/SSH client authentications), configurable memory allocation and new status counters.


  • 6U VXS
  • Managed Layer 2+/ 3
  • up to 24 ports
  • 1000Base-BX (rear), SFP (front)
  • 1000-BX interconnection
  • 2 * SFP cages