CodeSecure CodeSentry

Securing the Software Supply Chain

CodeSecure’s leading Binary Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution for gaining component inventory and insights into vulnerabilities and software risk, generating SBOMs, supporting Vulnerability Disclosures, and responding to Software Supply Chain Security risks.

Most software developed today includes externally developed code, including open-source components and commercial binaries. Customers are demanding more transparency and require the delivery of a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for the software.

SBOM Without Source Code

CodeSentry is a Binary SCA solution that identifies open-source components and shared dependencies in binaries, including firmware, containers, and mobile or desktop applications. Resulting component inventory are reported through an SBOM, mapped to the industry’s most complete database of software vulnerabilities: VulnDB.

Annotate SBOM entries to be included or excluded using CodeSentry’s component annotation feature, and provide an audit trail for any changes made to the generated SBOM.

The CodeSentry Difference:

  • No Source Code Required. Binary SCA produces an accurate SBOM without access to source code.
  • Fewer False Positives. CodeSentry can accurately tell if a component is present in the final product or not.
  • Industry-Standard SBOM Formats. CodeSentry delivers the results of the binary scan via industry-standard SBOM formats like SPDX & CycloneDX.
  • Nth Party Coverage. CodeSentry analyses the final binary “as deployed”. It identifies open source no matter where it entered the software supply chain.
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Database. CodeSentry maps components to the world’s largest and most complete database of vulnerabilities in open-source software projects by using public and private sources.
  • Vulnerability Detection. Reduces the cybersecurity risk and impact by detecting critical, N-day and 0-day vulnerabilities as well as misconfiguration of security features in compilers.
  • Shift Left and Shift Right. Identify vulnerable open source software before they are incorporated into products. Use as a final check of binaries prior to releasing to customers or deployment.
  • Deployment Flexibility. Deploy on-premises or as scalable, single-tenant SaaS deployment options.
  • Purchasing Flexibility. Now available in three options: CodeSentry SBOM Edition, Security Edition, and Advanced Security Edition.