Securing the Modern Software Stack

Third-party software use is a reality today. At least 90% of corporations use third party software, and 95% of proprietary or custom software applications they create contain third party components. Software reuse provides productivity improvements that organizations rely on, but do so at significant risk.

CodeSentry is derived from GrammaTech’s ground-breaking binary code analysis research, achieving deep scalable analysis without the need for source code suitable for enterprise-wide adoption. Binary analysis is both efficient and less error prone than conventional software composition analysis tools and due to CodeSentry’s high precision and recall, results in fewer missed vulnerabilities and fewer false positives. The key advantage of CodeSentry is the ability to interrogate – at the binary level – both open-source software and the third-party software that is now so commonly used.

CodeSentry Features:

  • Ease of Use
  • Identifies components and generates a software bill of materials
  • Management through tracking and annotation for identified vulnerabilities.
  • Remediation through notification when vulnerability can be resolved through upgrades.
  • Multiple Deployment Options. On-premise to scalable software-as-a-service options.