Air separation cover, for side-to-side-cooled switches


Product family: Varistar
Type: Air baffles, separation covers



  • Complete basic air guide kit for Cisco switches (airflow from right to left)
  • Multiple side trims can be mounted one above the other with one basic kit; please order side trims for the required Cisco switch separately
  • Basic kit to divide the 19″ plane in the front part of the cabinet and to accept side trims for switches
  • Right front bezel with 5 x air inlets; air inlets that are not required can be closed with easy-to-cut gasketing material
  • Left front bezel for back-to-back cabling with 3 x 19″/1 U cut-outs (please order brush strips and filler panels separately)
  • Kit can also be retrofitted to cabinets already installed in rows
  • For 800 mm wide VARISTAR cabinets with 145 mm recessed 19″ plane