Ada Web Server – Framework to Develop Web Based Applications

The main part of the framework is the embedded Web server. This Ada-based web server can be embedded, allowing your application to talk with all modern web browsers.

Key Features

  • Web Parameters Module

    For retrieving forms or URL parameters and building an associative table for easy access.

  • Session Server

    Keeps client’s data from page to page.

  • SOAP Support

    For developing web services and generating stubs/skeletons from a WSDL document.

  • Template Parser

    Allows for the complete separation of the web design from the code.


    Support for Secure Sockets based on OpenSSL library.

  • Large Scale Server Capabilities

    Support for large servers and virtual hosting using dispatchers based on URI, request methods or host names.

  • Server Push Support

  • Log Module

    Creates log file that keeps information about all resources requested by the servers.

  • Protocols

    Support for SOAP, SMTP, POP, and LDAP protocols. Support for AJAX standard.

  • Client-Side Support

    Client API to retrieve any web page from a web site.

  • High Level Services

    Includes many high level services such as: a directory browser, ready to be used in any application, status page for information concerning the current AWS server and a web page service to build a simple static page server.