Newsletter – May 2019

Posted: June 6, 2019

Dedicated Systems Newsletter – May 2019


Featured Stories

  • Dedicated Systems welcomes Cindy Potter!


  • On Demand Webinar by Rapita Systems: Certifying Multicore Timing Analysis for DO178 Projects


  • On Demand Webinar by AdaCore: GPGPU Programming with Ada


  • Webinar by RTI: Game Changing Leap in Autonomous Vehicle Software Architecture


  • Interface Concepts’ new AMD GPU XMC module supporting ARINC 818


  • UEI for your Engine Test Application Requirements


  • Using Static Analysis to Detect API Usage Anomalies – GrammaTech


  • Astranis Space Technologies Selects Wind River Real-Time Operating System for Next Generation Satellite


  • Varistar/Novastar Electronic Cabinet Online Configurator – nVent Schroff