In memory of our dear friend Robert Dewar

Posted: September 29, 2015

I have recently returned from Vermont where I attended a “celebration of life” event for our dear friend and supplier Robert Dewar who passed away in recent months.

For those of you fortunate enough to have met Robert you would know he was a wonderfully talented Computer Scientist, Musician and Entrepreneur. He was very generous with his time and contributed greatly to both my own personal development and as well the growth and success of Dedicated Systems.

We visited countless customers together over the best part of 12 years, travelling back and forth across the country, sharing time in taxis, airport lounges, hotels, restaurants and customer sites. For my part it was unforgettable! Robert made it that way – he treated every moment as if it was opening night at the opera.

Larger than life he would burst onto the stage in full costume varying from the colourful ties he would wear, and leave at customer sites in earlier years to the Seinfeld like white gym shoes he would match with his grey suits and finally and most memorably his top hat and cane.

Customers would smile when we entered the room and by the time we’d left Robert’s deep knowledge of the subject matter coupled with his wonderfully entertaining presentation style would have earnt him some new friends.

What most amazed me most about Robert was how he ever managed to fit everything in. How does someone combine so many interests and do them all so well whilst running a business and travelling the world? He played dozens of instruments, performed regularly in light opera group and had a broad general knowledge with deep philosophical insights into just about everything. Clearly his passionate approach to work and life was a major ingredient.

Robert seemed to sing and dance his way through life, never complaining, indulging his passions, lifting us all up and then rejoicing in our achievements. I’m so sad he’s no longer around but grateful that I got a chance to be part of his AdaChorus!

John Salerno