Geospatial Situational Awareness

Posted: July 9, 2015

Dirk Wagemans, Felipe Carrillo Romero and Riordon Kossen from leading Belgian company Luciad, travelled to Australia last week to conduct Dedicated Systems‘ Technology Seminar ‘GEOSPATIAL SITUATIONAL AWARENESS- NAVIGATING THE CHALLENGES OF BIG DATA’.

Luciad provides high performance, state of the art visualisation tools for geospatial applications.  Their unique capability is the ability to combine different types of data from multiple sources and visualise this data in a common operating picture accurately and in real-time.


Use cases include:

•Homeland Security
•Town Planning
•Big Data Visualisation
•Law Enforcement
•Air Traffic Management
•Border Protection
•Emergency Rescue
•Transportation/Fleet Monitoring


The seminars were held in Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra and discussions included ‘working with big data’, ‘bringing high performance situational awareness to the browser based systems’, ‘geospatial architecture in the cloud’ and ‘challenges in geospatial situational awareness’.  The team along with John Salerno also visited Dedicated Systems’ customers in Melbourne and Brisbane.


For information on future seminars please email jem –  [email protected]


Felipe presenting at the Adelaide Seminar


Dirk taking the Adelaide attendees through ‘Working with Big Data’