IC-PPC-VPX3a – 3U PMC8640(D) based Processor Board

The IC-PPC-VPX3a, associated with our FPGA VPX 3U and/or with our XMC carrier supporting IOs boards, is the ideal solution to build high computing platforms, FPGA processing configurations or embedded computers.


  • 3U VPX
  • NXP MPC8640 Dual-Core processor
  • DDR2 with ECC  (up to 2 GB)
  • PCIe switch
  • 1GB NAND flash

The IC-PPC-VPX3a is powered by one MPC8640D processor to deliver the best-in-class PowerPC performances (including AltiVec 128-bit vector processing engines). Designed for applications requiring a very high level of performance in a compact 3U form factor, the IC-PPC-VPX3a board provides a very flexible combination of interfaces, supporting OpenVPX’s high bandwith serial switched fabrics, and offering an IOs Mezzanine for custom application.